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KIDZ #1 CVR A CRISTOBAL (01/15/2020)

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(W) Ducoudray, Aurelien (A) Joret, Jocelyn (C) Cristobal, Esdras
StockID: 133974 Diamond#: NOV191313

It's been three months since a terrible epidemic turned the population into zombies hungry for fresh meat. Only after devouring almost all of humanity- the undead themselves begin to wither and fall from famine… Somewhere in a suburban town- Ben- 10 years old and still traumatized by the death of his parents- forms with his friends the last bastion of humanity. And between hunting zombie survivors- expeditions to amass food- toys and comics- all filmed by the aptly named Spielberg- life flows rather peacefully in their world. Until something worse than a nuclear disaster or the 4 flashing red rings of death on an Xbox 360 hits their small community: two girls! Accustomed to chilling by the pool- eating chocolate bars and playing video games- how will the boys react to Polly's bizarre new customs and little sister Sue?