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VAMPIRELLA #7 CONNER CGC GRADED CVR (C: 0-1-2) (01/22/2020)

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(W) Preist, Christopher (A) Gunduz, Ergun (C) Conner, Amanda
StockID: 133730 Diamond#: NOV191069

Celebrating the Daughter of Drakulon's 50th Anniversary- Dynamite's continuing Vampirella's latest adventure- and fan favorite artist Amanda Conner is along for the ride! Get Conner's stunning Vampirella #7 cover CGC-graded and encased- ensuring value and longevity as the next crown jewel of your comic stash! 'Beach Blanket Bloodfest!' While vacationing in the Caribbean with Benny the Witch- Vampirella enters the surreal world of a Voodoo Vampire King who becomes obsessed with winning her as his bride. Meanwhile- Victory- Vampirella's estranged lover- was left behind in Los Angeles. Now she's impersonating Vampirella for her own amusement- unaware that a newly forged team of Vampirella's enemies closing in for the kill! Featuring guest-artist Giovanni Timpano (Shadow Batman- Port of Earth).