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NIGHTWING #68 VAR ED (01/15/2020)

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(W) Jurgens, Dan (A) Cliquet, Ronan (C) Quah, Alan
StockID: 133136 Diamond#: NOV190475

Being a superhero often means layers of identities. For Ric Grayson- he once had a life as a sidekick to Batman- a life he forgot when a terrible gunshot wound erased his memories. When his long lost grand-father- who is also a super-assassin called Talon- returned to his life and implanted false memories into his brain- that added another layer. Now- with Talon vanquished- Ric Grayson has to shake loose the truth. Is he the man he has created for himself- or is there still some of the old Nightwing lurking around inside his head? Even if he wanted to- could Ric be Nightwing again when four other people have put on the mask and picked up where he left off? Whichever it is- Talon made a mess of his current life- and now Ric has to start putting it all back together.