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11/13/2019 GOTHAM CITY MONSTERS #3 (OF 6)

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(W) Orlando, Steve (A) Nahuelpan, Amancay (C) Tan, Philip
StockID: 126708 Diamond#: SEP190493

The monsters have united in the aftermath of Melmoth's attack- but one of their own has gone missing! Andrew Bennett- a.k.a. I- Vampire- has gone straight to the source of the evil that threatens the city- but the fanged one finds attacking Melmoth's acolytes is biting off a little more than he can chew. Frankenstein leads Killer Croc- Lady Clayface- Orca- and the mysterious Red Phantom on a chase through the Gotham underground to try to rescue Bennett and shut down whatever Melmoth has planned next. But will their showdown at the Gotham City Zoo attract the attention of any of Gotham's other protectors? Batwoman- perhaps?